If you are not absolutely delighted with our services, please call Lowell at 623-236-9096.  We stand by our work.  

Thank you all for your continued support - we would not be here without you!

Dan S.

Magician, my '60's Silvertone 1484 never sounded near a bright as it did when Lowell got finished with it. Good to see honest quality craftsmanship!

Alan K.

This is the place to take your amp if it's not right. Don't take it anywhere else.

Jim K.

I'm honestly amazed at the intuitive, experience, know-how and quality Lowell presents in his work. He worked on an AC30 of mine, fixed all of the problems and wow, sounds incredible. Sounds what a mint 78 AC30 should sound like but the recent work he did on my Showman Reverb.. He has produced the best sounding amplifier I have ever heard, hands down. I have been on stage as a sound guy with Vernon Reed, Kravitz, Mike Stern, Mick Taylor,..so many, I have been around a lot ofgreat sounding rigs. Lowell tuned this Showman Reverb, added a Depth and Presence circuit that is removed when simply turned down to an off position. Corrected a black face circuit. The sound this amp reproduces is extrordanary. He got this thing, tuned into the unicorns or something. The thing gallops through the mysterious lands of tonelandia. He's also a real nice dude. All of my amps that need work will go to him from now on.

Michael Cook

Fixed my Egnater Renegade, reasonable rates.

Todd H.

Lowell took real good care of me, was in town from Flagtown to visit family and see Queen live in Glendale. Dropped off this Diamond Positron that I scored off Craigslist. Found Lowell off of some Google searches and reviews. Really feeling fortunate that I brought my amp to this guy, he made short work of the circuit, fixed the grounding issues, elevated filament supply, fixed the tube sockets, and added a filter to cut down on any additional noise. Amp was humming loudly when I bought it, and would get egg frying hot. It also had issues with the volume. Amp is perfect now, I cannot turn it up past 1 without pissing off my neighbors, and the cleans are crystal clean, no more hum. To top it off, price was so affordable, really took good care of me. Do yourself a favor, have this guy service your amp! Never met Lowell before yesterday, the only guy I am bringing my gear too from here on out, I don't care about the 2.5 hour drive!

Shaun S.

Lowell is awesome, brought my JCM 800 in there and he did a complete restore. He's really thorough and caring about his work. Great attitude, great options, great communication. Love having a place I can trust to do awesome work.

Trey R.

Notice how this place has all five-star reviews? No
accident. Lowell is flat out the best tube amp technician I’ve ever
encountered. I’m a customer for life. Amazing service. Reasonable prices.

Noah D.

The ONLY guy in town I'll trust to work on my amps. He's a super cool person and always returns the amps in perfect working order. I've brought my amplifiers to other people in the past to work on and ended up having the same issues. I finally ended up bringing them here to be correctly repaired and have had zero problems since. No sense in wasting your money like I did, just bring your gear here and get it done right the first time.

Terry B.

I brought my Mesa/Boogie 2:90 in for a cap job. Lowell found a few other issues and made it sound like it was brand new. Excellent service, thorough inspection for any issues before starting work. I am very pleased with this service and will use their services in the future.

Rick G.

hey Lowell, thanks for fixing my Kendrix Black Gold 35. It's much better now with the new rectifier and it sounds awesome with the 2 new Celestion g10 Vintage speakers and the new power tubes. Gonna try to play some old ZZ-Top on it tonight

Jim D.

Man, I tell ya. Just had my 72 Twin Reverb overhauled and what can I say. This thing has never sounded so pristine and sweet. I am soooo very glad that I found you. Thx for everything Lowell. Can't wait to hear the 68 Super Reverb. A new customer for life, no doubt!!

Mark P.

Thank you for bringing my old Boogie combos back to life. Great service, Lowell is the best!

Mark S.
Only place to get it done an get done rite!!! Lowel is the
best in the valley,also dose great custom modifications!!!
Riley S.

Lowell, the mod you did to my 30 volt, adding the midrange control, was EXACTLY what I needed to sculpt the tone I've been after. Thank you thank you!!!!!!!!

Horace M.
Great amp tech guy, honest and really cool, a tough combination to find these days
Bill M.

Lowell did a great job on my Fender Deville. Knew exactly what was wrong with it immediately. Got my amp back in a reasonable amount of time. Really nice guy too. If you're looking for a great priced amp tech who does good work, this is your place.


Was recommended to Hunt Amp from Glenn at Guitar Center in Scottsdale. I was looking for the best Marshall all Tube combo. I asked Lowell what to look for and he was more than happy to give me ideas. I now have a Marshall JCM 800 combo. It wasn't sounding right, low volume and noises. Lowell explained to me what he was going to do before repairing the amp and showed me what he was going to replace and why. A few days later I picked up the amp and played it that night and it was Wonderful, Loud and crunchy like a real Marshall should sound. Highly recommend Hunt Amplification. Go there!


Lowell is a bro who helps out his fellow musician folk. Nice guy and knows his stuff. Wish he wasn't so far away from me

Brian C.

Lowell is one of a few remaining true artists in his incredibly narrow field. He has unique skill few possess any more as he can quickly determine what needs to be done in making a good amp sound great. He took my vintage amp and within about 2 days, had it sounding incredible - just like I had always read it should! And his charges are incredibly fair, too. Highly recommended!

Keith R.

A friend of a friend of a friend told me about this place when I asked where I should get my app worked on. It's a bit out of the way north of Phoenix in an industrial park however very knowledgeable staff and from how they treated me very honest. The potential of me being ripped off based on the repairs was very high but I was told it would not be worth it my time or money to have the amp fixed it would be cheaper to buy a new or used one. I appreciate that very much.

Mike S.

Brought my Fender Twin in for maintenance and checkup. Ended up getting one of the mods he recommended and m amp came back sounding great. I was worried I would annoy the guy with all my dumbass questions but I ended up calling him several times before hand and he always seemed happy to explain stuff and drop knowledge. Overall great experience just like I had with billy a while back on my guitar. Shop has an old school vibe to it and they seem to actually care about their work. Worth the hour drive for me.

Ryan B.

Incredible guy and immaculate service. Had my amps worked on with him several times and his services are very inexpensive! Timely, knowledgeable and courteous, I'd take it as a personal insult upon my family if anyone went anywhere else other than here for their amp repairs.

Steve L.

Lowell did an amazing job on my Fender Twin Reverb 1975 amp. He went over everything methodically and suggested how we could get the best results, which he did as promised it was worth every penny. Added bonus Lowell is a very nice genuine guy and pleasure to work with I recommend him 100%.

John C.

Lowell is as good as it gets…very professional, very proficient and a really nice guy. I had a vintage amp with several quirky issues and somehow he managed to sort the whole thing out while I watched. Now my amp sounds as good new. I'm very, very pleased and highly recommend him.

Robert C.

 Excellent as always!

Kenneth F.

Always a pleasure, and Lowell does great work!

Lex, ,

Friendly helpful service!

Mike D.

Lowell is extremely knowledgeable about his trade, and obviously has a lot of experience. On top of that he is professional, honest, and a very nice person. I most highly recommend Hunt Amplification!


Totally satisfied with the work on my Gibson BR-4. It sounds great and better than it ever did.


Excellent as always!

Dave L.

I had Lowell repair a few amps that died over the years. He gave an initial assessment and quick turnaround on my amps; a solid state and few tube amps. Very reasonable pricing, honesty(he doesn't try to add additional parts to the bill), and his love for his craft makes him my go to guy for all my amps(and pedals)!

Chris W.

Let me tell you people something...Lowell is the best. I would never take my amps anywhere else. I took my old 67'  Fender Vibro Champ to him for a total overhaul and it sounds awesome! He did it quick and for a reasonable price. He knows exactly what he's doing. I also had a 90's Tweed Fender Bronco solid state that sounded too bright and after a some adjustments it sounded just as I wanted it..I was blown away! Plus he's such a nice guy!

Todd M.

Thanks a lot. Thanks for fixing up Wes’ Twin. Now my 1992 re-issue sounds like a total piece of garbage!!!!

Walter G.

Good work, good price, good service = Great Deal !

Mr. I

I went to Hunt Amplification and met with Lowell to discuss changing my tubes to NOS tubes. I talked with Lowell for a bit about my needs and he suggested and tried several tubes before going with what sounded best. He also suggested some further modifications. I took that advice with the caveat that I love my amp so was a bit nervous about making changes. He told me he would reverse the minor changes if I did not like the sound. I did like the changes. My AC30 sounds even better. Also, I was able to keep changed components so if I ever wanted to sell the amp it could be stock again. I am a very happy customer. Lowell does what he says he is going to do when it comes to customer satisfaction. Top notch.

Greg L.

Like everyone else stated, look no further.  Don't waste your time anywhere else.  This guy is a genius.  Others have had my amp for 5 weeks and couldn't find the issue.  Lowell had the amp apart while I was standing there and had it fixed in a day.  And to top it off, he is reasonably priced.

Hector V.

I wouldn't take my amps anywhere else great job thank you.

Plaid L.

Met Lowell through Billy and quickly learned this dude knows his sh*t about amps and effects.  He and Billy also built the most kick ass distorting pedal I've ever heard. Highly recommended.  I will never go anywhere else for amp repair or amp advice.

Hiatt A.

What can I say, Hunt Amplification is one of if not the best place to get your amp serviced. I drove 100 miles from Prescott because I know Lowell is the best in the business. I just recently had him look at my 1964 Fender Twin Reverb which is in near perfect condition and untouched. It started making some noise so I brought it to Lowell @ Hunt Amplification. Lowell was very honest with me and figured out I just had a noisy reverb driver. He swapped it for a matching NOS tube that he luckily had in stock and the amp didn't make any unwanted noise. Lowell also checked the bias and gave the amp a once over for no extra charge. The amp works great now and is still completely original. I cant wait to bring him my 1979 Marshall JMP for a recap. Thanks again Lowell!

Matthew W.

New to the area and was pleasantly surprised with the amp shop. Great knowledge and super nice and helpful.  Glad I found it!

Sean F.

I have a vintage Marshall 50 watt head that is unmolested and in new condition. I needed someone that had a tube tester and knew their way around old vinatage amps that wasn't a hack/gorilla. I found Lowell through word-of-mouth and to my surprise he was close to where I live. Marshall: After running through it he tested the tubes and all NOS GE were ok. He discovered some less-than-optimal factory solder joints that were causing some buzzing and replaced a defective cap and resistor. The amp sounds better than it ever had! MXR Distortion+: After he fixed my amp I gave him an old early 80's MXR D+ that was an out-of-box failure. SEVERAL people attempted to repair this simple analog pedal with no success. I gave it to Lowell and he was able to find the culprits and restore its intended sound and glory! Thanks Lowell!

Micah E.

Worked on my Twin and a few of my friends Music Man amps and a JCM800. Fantastic customer service at a VERY fair price. I wouldn't take my amps to anyone else

Eric E.

Brought in my EVH III 100 watt amp/head, was getting power but no sound. Lowell had it for a week or less, diagnosed the problem, and it was good to go in no time at all. He also experimented on the clean channel (of 3), by putting in NOS tubes: No difference in sound, yet no charge to me for the experiment! I was more than happy with the detailed service and timeliness of the repair. I'd never take an amp any where else!

Jason B.

I brought my Rectoverb 50 head to Lowell with complaints about it being fizzy/buzzy on the lead channel. Lowell had me stop by the shop and spent about 30-40 minutes with me talking about tubes and speakers and letting me play the amp though one of his speaker cabs. Turns out my problem was more with the speakers I was using than the amp itself. He did remove a component from the amp (a bright cap) while I was in the shop to help get me closer to the tone I was looking for. He also recommended some vintage preamp tubes that would sound good in the amp. I found those on Ebay and have them coming any day now. When I asked him what I owed him for his time - he didn't charge me and said "that's what I'm here for". WOW!! Great customer service! Completely blown away in this day and age of mega stores and "inspection fees". Hanging over at B&D and Hunt Amps you get the feeling of being in an old local music store back in the 80's. A place where the guys were passionate about guitars and amps and weren't just trying to make a buck. I will definitely be bringing all my amps to Lowell in the future and if you are reading this - you should do the same.



Joel D.

Took my 1964 Bassman to him almost 2 years ago now,replaced the power tubes and a few other aging parts.Have used it exclusively since then in practice and gigs weekly with no back-up and has never let me down. This guy is a straight shooter,not an ounce of shuck and jive to be found.Should be charging way more,get to him before he's famous.

Jason T.

A wise man once said, “Buy cheap, buy twice”. Well, I’m a little slow so it took me a while to realize good tone didn’t come from China. If I really wanted vintage Fender tone, maybe I should look into a vintage Fender amp. Unfortunately, I didn’t know enough about amplifiers to fix one up and maintain it. Nor did I have the funds to purchase a mint condition vintage Fender. Enter Lowell Hunt. This gentleman has a passion for tone that rivals anyone I know. He also has the technical knowledge to wring the original tone out of the many “fixer-upper” vintage amps out there. I found a 1968 Twin Reverb on Craig’s List that had been through the ringer, and Lowell brought out the inner mojo that was trapped inside. The sounds coming out of my amp are the envy of all my tone-chasing friends. I finally have the sound I was searching for with the side benefit of being the perfect platform for pedals should I wish to explore other genres. Lowell is smart, passionate and honest. He will have my respect, business, and referrals for as long he’ll put up with me.

Clifton R.

Lowell fixed my amp promptly, fast and provided excellent customer service. He also took the time to explain various mod options and gave me some really good information. In a world dominated by big box stores it is refreshing to find a local small business doing it the right way. I'm telling all my friends to come to Hunt for there future needs. Thank you Lowell!

Allan J.

Again Lowell, thanks. I had the same Marshall in Australia and it never sounded the way this does now. Absolute killer tone ... searched for this sound forever. Cheers mate ..

john m.

lowell helped me out on the spot w/2 mashals and a colorsound pedal whe n i was in desparate need and didnt ask for a dime. was in hospital over 3 year and equip was in storage over 3 years non working. he did me GOOD and has my lifetime referral if nothing else. THANKS LOWELL!!!

Rhys S.

Lowell returned my '76 JMP MKII to all of it;s original glory and then some. She sings like never before, especially with the tube selection he added. Now I only wish I could play better to bring justice to the amp.

Walter S.

Thank you Lowell I brought in a dead 1966 Gibson GA-5 and he gave me back tone monster. Lowell provided excellent customer service while explaining what was needed to get my vintage amp up and running. He provided a few different options based on my budget needs and the end result was an amazing sound machine.

Kevin M.

Lowell worked on my 1964 Vox AC30. It needed a good amount of work and I found the perfect guy to do it. Lowell knows anything and everything about amplifiers. This was the first time he worked on any of my equipment and he did a great job. Lowell's pricing is very reasonable and he stands by his work. I would recommend Lowell to any of my family or friends. Thanks again, Lowell!

Alan W.

Lowell did an amazing job tweaking my pro jr. as well as recommending tubes. I get compliments all the time on my tone. Thanks Lowell!

Kevin Y.

I own two Mesa Boogie Mark IV's, a widebody combo and a short head. Lowell has worked on the widebody on multiple occasions for a few issues and a service/tune-up/re-tube. My amp has never sounded better. Lowell doesn't just take the amp and say "we'll get back to you" then return it leaving you in the dark as to what was done (like some places in Phoenix) - he takes the time to answer any question you may have and tries to explain to you what the issue is (as best he can seeing as I only understand a small amount of what Lowell knows about amps lol) and works with you all the way through the process. His customer service skills are top notch and I won't bring my babies anywhere else. Don't hesitate - bring your amp to Lowell and let him make it sound better than it ever has!

Kirk W.

I brought a barn find 1950s wood cab Alamo amp 5 to Lowell for restoration. He went through it with a fine tooth comb, replacing only what was needed. This amp is now a very warm toned blues machine! He also recommended a specific transparent pedal to help obtain the natural break up at lower volume. Lowell is a great guy and I would not hesitate to refer him to anyone. THANK YOU!

Douglas D.

Lowell-My Epi Les Paul was being repaired and I had never plugged it into the Fender Music Master amp you just serviced for me.They match up way better than I expected.Thank you !

Stephen S.

I've been meaning to call you this week. Great work! The '52 Electro Lab is much quieter, & the Ultimate Chorus rocked Sunday night @ "Crash" @ North Phoenix Baptist. Also, loving my CS2. Still using it on my practice 'board, but it's workin for me. I need to bring you my '70's  Pi. Anyway, list me as a positive review. As I said, great work, thanks. 

Robert M.

Lowell did a great job on my Ampeg B-15. He was meticulous in every aspect of servicing it and treated it as if it were his own. I have since refereed a friend and will continue to spread the word


The Traynor you worked on for me last year.Is really starting to amaze me.

Ted L.

Lowell did a custom build for me on a Pro Jr chassis in a 2X10 cab. Now it's a unique hand-wired blues machine with a pentode pre-amp and cathode-biased EL84s voiced as I wanted. Lowell knows what he's doing and is determined his customer get what they want, at a very reasonable price.

Howie K.

I just can't say enough about Lowell and the service he provides. Usually you can find an amp tech, that is either knowledgeable or has integrity, but Lowell has both. Lowell loves what he does that is obvious from the first conversation that you have with him. Lowell has serviced numerous amps for me as well as customized a few pedals for me. There is no one else I would take my equipment too. Thanks for all you do Lowell.

Mike S.

I was referred to Lowell through my guitar teacher. I brought him in a JCM800 50W combo I had recently bought. Not only did he swap all of the cheaper components Marshall was using at the time for top-grade ones, he (at my request of course) basically altered the circuit to be more like a Marshall Plexi. Now I have tons of clean headroom and have a wonderfully punchy, beautiful sounding amp. Additionally, he made those alterations in a way that can be easily reversed if I ever wanted back the JCM 800 circuit. Lowell is professional, responds quickly, and certainly knows anything and everything there is to know about making your amp sound the best it possibly can. Thanks Lowell.

Andy L.

I recently had Lowell do some work for me......mostly simple tune up on my amp....a little trouble shooting as well as some wiring a couple of my guitars. 1st rate work and reasonable price. I recommend Hunt applification for anyone in need of amp building or repairs. Fast and friendly service!

Paul S.

Awesome Trainwreck Express clone. Amazing sound, punch and tone. This thing sings ! Thank You again !

Jeff H.

Lowell has worked on several of my tube amps and built one from scratch for me. Check out the JTM45 on this site, its just stunning! Lowell has always been WAY fair with me and fixed absolutely everything Ive brought him to my complete satisfaction! Keep it up my friend!

Duke W.

I have taken at least 5 of my amps to Lowell. He has made every one sound stellar! Replacing caps, transformers, replacing and biasing tubes, speakers, whatever, Lowell can do it all! Both circuit board and hand wired amps are no problem for Lowell! He truly knows his stuff. He even fixed my swimming pool circuit board and saved me a bunch of $$$$! On top of that he is a great guy to deal with and so easy going with fast turnaround. As you can tell Lowell I think you're THE MAN when it comes to amps! I will be back!!

Mark T.

Lowell has been my go to guy for a few years now. From converting an old 70's Sound City into a Hiwatt DR to maintenance on my vintage Fender's, Gibson's et al. He doesn't guess, he knows. Knowledgable, courteous, articulate, humble and prompt. He finishes the work when he says he will. He charges me what he quotes me. And he exceeds my expectations every time. IMO, we are very lucky to have an amp and pedal guy like Lowell in the valley. I've only seen this kind of talent in NYC and LA.

Matthew L.

I'm pretty convinced that Lowell can pretty much do anything with regard to amplifiers. I've brought him in a trashed Bandmaster and he gave me back an amazing-sounding amp that will be good for the next 40+ years. I highly recommend Hunt Amplification to anyone in the music business. Quality work is done in an incredibly fair amount of time and I'll be taking all of my future business to Hunt.

Peter R.

I have used Hunt Amplification for a few projects. My first dealing with Lowell was with a 5150 combo that was missing the reverb circuit and had all kinds of issues. When I got it back the amp sounded fantastic and the cost for repair was very reasonable. Project two was an old Ibanez Metal Screamer (an 80's Tube Screamer) that he modded for me. He modded the EQ, gain structure, and clipping threshold for better tone. Now when I throw this pedal in front of my dirty amp or distortion pedal it really gives it great tone! Last he repaired an old Marshall Lead 100 Mosfet amp that was given to me. It was stored for god knows how long and didn't work. Again, when I got it back it sounded great. For a solid state amp, it's a real sleeper! Thanks Lowell!

Frank C.

Hunt Amplification ROCKS!!! Took my fizzy, boomy, gainless Marshall Class 5 head to Lowell. He quickly did his homework on the circuit (on his own time) and brilliantly transformed it into a growling, singing sustain monster in very short order. Basically he redesigned the amp, and the cost of his services was incredibly reasonable. Lowell knew what needed changing and went about it in the simplest and most economical manner possible. So if you are in need of a knowledgable, diligent, honest, and economical technician to turn your amp into what it should be, you need to talk to Lowell Hunt.


Amp sounds great now, thanks for a job well done.

Jeff L.

I found Lowell though Billy at B&D Guitar Repair before he moved his operation to B&D's location . I have two vintage Marshall JMP 45W heads. One was made in 76 that did NOT have the vintage tone. I had two other people work on it. Both with very good knowledge of my amps. I had them install Mercury Magnetic transformer, power supply and choke. They also attempted to modify the circuit to match the circuit of an amp to match that of a loaner amp that possessed the tone I wanted. The loaner amp was my new baseline for tone. We even tried to source the exact cable that was used in loaner amp to make sure everything was the same. Nothing worked. I ended up buying another JMP head made in 78 (same year as the loaner). The tone was close to my wants, but still not as good. Enter Lowell. I took both heads to him. After several conversations I decided I did not want two amps that sounded the same and decided to let him have free reign on the 76. He made it so it sounds like the higher gain JCM800. AWESOME! For the 78, Lowell made it sound better than the loaner amp! Lowell is now my amp guy! He is honest and very easy to talk too. He knows his stuff and what to do to get every bit of tone out of an amp tailored to your desires. Next on his bench is my British made VOX AC30-TB that is missing "something". I KNOW you will not be disappointed with anything he does.

Roy S.

Lowell...blackstar sounds awesome. I think it has just about the right amount of gain for my taste. Couldn’t be happier. Thank You.

Patrick H.

This is the only local place I trust to take my tube amps for repair.

Rich C.

Lowell recently made some modifications on my Fender Excelsior amp and I'm very happy with the results.I found Lowell to be extremely professional and easy to work with and I would highly recommend him if you are seeking
to have any work done on your amps.

Steven C.

Lowell, is an expert at repairing an troubleshooting problems. Has serviced my Marshall heads perfectly. Highly recommend Hunt Amplification.


Best amp man in town! Very honest, super nice, trustworthy man! 

Brandon B.

Professional and unparalleled repair services. My Blackstar HT Club 40 amp had a terrible humming problem. Called HA up and Lowell knew exactly what the problem was. Turns out I needed some power tubes replaced. Dropped it off on a Saturday and it was ready the following Wednesday for pickup. Hardly cost me anything and bonus: I was explaining to him how I had lost a power cord to another amp I owned and how I should go about replacing it, and then he offered me one he had in stock right there on the spot, free of charge. Mind blown. He even stayed open a little late so I could get all the way across town in rush hour to get it. I will definitely be returning here for all of my amplifier needs in the future.

Vin D.

This is THE GUY ...don't go anywhere else...best experience Ive had with a tech....fast,reasonable, reliable and very knowledgeable...can't say enough about Lowell again he is THE GUY to go to...I travel over an hour passing several other shops to get to him...

Ed M.

Lowell is great!!! I appreciate his patience, time and excellent professional service!


Lowell took my DSL100H and modded the bias circuit to accept KT66 and 6L6 power tubes with a click of a switch. This is tha guy to go to if you are in need of repair or mod. Will be doing biz here exclusively.

John C.

Lowell is as good as it gets…very professional, very proficient and a really nice guy. I had a vintage amp with several quirky issues and somehow he managed to sort the whole thing out while I watched. Now my amp sounds as good new. I'm very, very pleased and highly recommend him.

Miguel P.

I have had nothing but the best service from Lowell. I would bring him amp kit builds from Mojotone that I would have 99% correct and he would find that 1% that was driving me up the wall. I apprecaite his time, skills and excellent customer service. Don't hesistate to bring your amp in to the best in the city.

J Man

Lowell at Hunt Amplification fixed my Friedman BE100 that was damaged during shipment and I couldn't be happier. He replaced (4) EL34 Power Tubes with originals, burned them in, and rebiased it for me. Sounds amazing! Awesome service and highly recommended amp repair shop! Thanks again!!!

Thomas G.

best amp guy and best guitar repair in the valley

Sean B.

Simply the best around

Bloos Orange Box

Lowell is great to work with. Very very good topnotch work.

Kevin C.

Lowell everything works great. The Triaxis and 50/50. You are right about the buffer. I used a stereo chorus after the noise gate pedal and now it’s way better.

Mike S.

Just wanted to say thanks again. This thing sounds fantastic.

Chris B.

Take your amp to Hunt Amplification! As mentioned in another review, I'm not too keen on the experiences AZ has to offer with amp techs, but Lowell is awesome. I've used his services several times for repairs and/or mods and each time I take my toys home extremely happy. He's an honest, stand-up guy who does great work for great prices. Not to mention he likes to talk to you, ask questions, and have a genuine conversation about what you want, or what he did for a repair or modification. Don't waste your time anywhere else, trust me. AND, he builds awesome tubeamps too... check out his customs!

Ryan H.

I have taken many projects to Lowell. I have Vox, vintage Fender, and Hiwatt amps. I use a ton of pedals. Many of them being Lowell custom builds. Ever where I go I get compliments on my tone and I always have to point back to Lowell. He asks lots of questions, ensuring you get what you want. He is an artist.. Seriously! His work is beautiful. Clean and solid. I trust Lowell so much that I've started saying yes to pretty much whatever he suggest. His goal is to help me reach mine. If you need a custom build, simple repair or a complete overhaul, Lowell's the guy. Stop reading this review and call him!

Jason S.

This amp now Rocks.. Sounds better than I ever heard this baby. Long Live good Amp techs!! Lowell make the world sound better.

Nico F.

Just a quick note: Ran into a great deal on a used DR Z Monza 1x10 combo. At times I disconnect the Monza amp and plug "rosebud" to the DR Z cab. The DR Z has a Red Fang speaker. You won't believe how amazing the rosebud amp sounds thru that speaker. unbelievable. it is loud and clear with the volume set at 9 O'clock. it may be 12 watts but it is "Hunt" 12 watts...loud :).

Wade B.

This is my amp. Absolutely amazing clean. Beautiful ZZ Top-esque break up when the channels are jumped. I didn't hear it before it Lowell got a hold of it, but he did a great job.

Pete G.

Owning vintage amps can be hard on one's checking account for the maintenance they require. This is my 74' 50W. I totally put my faith in Lowell. There are many tech's here in town. Lowell cares about his work and his customer service is excellent. I have been to many reputable tech in Phx, and Lowell is bar none the best. This modded amp is a tone and gain monster. It will shred all stock stock jubilee's, 900/800 and all TSL's/JCM 2000's.

Kevin O.

The amp is simply awesome! It truly is 100 times better than before. Thanx a million for working your miracles! I'm one satisfied customer. Also thanx for the bit of schooling today on how tubes and tube amps work. I learned a lot. Please try to remember me if you make that "Trainwreck" head. I would really like to hear that.  I think I'll start saving my pennies so you can build me an amp that goes to eleven. -HA HA HA! LOL. -Thanx, again.

Dave S.

Lowell, Just wanted to thank you again for your AWESOME work on the Selmer! I LOVE IT!!! and it sounds WAY BETTER than before!

Dave A.

Hi Lowell, Thankyou again for your excellent service, my Scout is working great and my new Strat sounds very good on it!...I will learn to play better..if it takes forever..HA!  I will surely recommend you to everyone I know...wish you the best in the future.

Andrew D.

This is a really great sounding amp . . .Thank you for your high quality work and top-notch customer service. This thing is going to be my workhorse for the foreseeable future. I'll be heading your way when I need amp work in the future.

Chris B.

Hey Lowell, I didn’t get to play the amp here at home until just now, and man I gotta tell you after only a half hour I LOVE it.  The tonal possibilities now with that master volume are great, and have been able to dial in a good clean sound with pretty much no break up at all.  I like to support local business so I’ll be telling my friends. Thanks for the tune up, and I look forward to talking and working with you in the future.

Dan S.

Hey Lowell, just wanted to say thanks again. The amp sounds great. Have a good one.

David M.

1965 Champ – dude, what can I say here? I’ve owned it for literally decades, and it sounds better than ever before. What the heck kind of magic did you do inside?! It rocks, and aside from being the perfect at home jam amp, it actually sounds good enough to gig with. No kidding!  So I’m 100% satisfied and impressed with your mods/adjustments. Keep up the good work, and I’ll definitely be looking for you in the future.

Doug N.

Lowell - the Boogie sounds better than ever - like it did when I bought in new from the factory in 1981!  Thanks for fixing it for me.

Tom B.

I take ALL my amps to Lowell at Hunt Amps, and I *highly* recommend them! They're very good. Very knowledgeable, and will work with you to get the sound you want.

Doug N.

Lowell - my 1990 sounds great and no longer cuts out, thanks for fixing it.

James L.

Hi Lowell, Thanks for fixing up the DRRI. Whatever else you did to it improved it a bunch.

Joe R.

Hey Lowell, I tried out the Twin Reverb today and it sounds great....strong reverb with NO buzz.  Thanks again for the awesome job, I have no clue how you fixed it, but it's fine now.

John E.

Lowell,  I only had a minute to check out the amp right now but WOW!  I didn’t plug my pedals in, but it’s amazingly loud.  I’ll have to play around later . . . I can’t wait to spend some time with it.

Joseph F.

HEY LOWELL!!!! I HAAAAAAADDDDD to let you know that the Precision Electronics amp is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!  You achevied a tone from that thing that I could never have expected!! I played it through the Ferromax F150 and it was so rich and pure! I have never heard a tone like that at a manageable volume. I cranked the master to 9 and the amp came alive with thick tone.  VERY VERY easy to get a BEAUTIFUL tone from this thing.  I have never enjoyed just the simple pleasure of plugging in directly, and I can only imagine what it will sound like with some verb and color in front. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

John R.

Hey Lowell, Just wanted you to know the TSL is doing fantastic! Thanks a lot for all of your help in making my amp shine once again!


Lowell, thanks for the great service on my amps.I put one of the phillips 12ax7's in the Alamo and she is singing very nicely.I use a VooDoo lab fuzz with the trem about 1/2 way up,sweet.The Traynor works great through a 12" ext speaker also.Like you mentioned,it's quite the screamer.

Pete R.

The 5150 sounds REALLY good! Great Job!!!

Steve S.

The modifications are OUTSTANDING.  I'm not sure about it being louder since the attenuator makes it hard to tell, but much more body in the treble high input at lower volumes with nicer highs.  No need to jump channels at low volume to add more lows now.

Rod F.

The Jcm 2000 sounds great brother - thank you so much!

Ben H.

We tracked some stuff with the Marshall last night. It sounds great! Thank you.

Bob M.

Lowell, I just plugged it in and played it. You did a fantastic job! What surprises me is how loud, punchy and clear it is. I'm sold on the NOS stuff, it really does seem to make difference. Anyway, I couldn't be happier and appreciate the all the meticulous effort you put forth. I'll be in contact with you regarding the speaker soon. Thanks again.

Leo S.

Hi Lowell,  Just wanted to thank you for everything!  Will talk to you later about other amps I have that may need some work.

Keith M.

Lowell. Just wanted to send a note about the amps. They sound amazing. The Fender PA 135 sounds great through my two 2x12 vintage cabs.....it is the best my pedal set-up has ever sounded.  I can't wait to play out with it. The Musicmaster Bass amp doesn't even sound like the same amp......it breaks up and the mids really shine. It is blues right out of the box....no pedal needed but when you do hook it up...wow.

Jeremy R.

This amp plays amazing. You're a genius. Thanks for a great job. This thing plays like new. Can't wait to get the original speaker redone.

Earl A.

Lowell: I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you again for the fast turnaround and quality work you performed on my amp.

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