Test Equipment

This gear is used all day, every day.  Much of it is many decades older than the equipment being repaired.


HP Dual Output DC Supply (restored)

1000W+ Reactive/Resistive Dummy Load

Metered GE 10A Variac (restored), with current limiters on toggle switches.

1939 HP 200 Tube Oscillator (restored).  This is my main audio signal generator as well as the oscillator source for the octopus tracer.  This is the device that started Silicon Valley.


1960 Tektronics 503 Tube Oscilloscope (restored).  Main bench scope - I use this for everything.


1945 HP 400A Tube RMS AC Voltmeter (restored).  For to  output power measurements and misc. calibration duties.


1939 Rider VoltOhmyst Tube DC Voltmeter (restored).  Beautiful piece of equipment, and very accurate.  It's dedicated to measuring the peak output from the octopus tracer, but I occasionally use it for high voltage readings.


1950 RCA WO-56 Tube Oscilloscope (which I restored and converted into an octopus tracer).  This is one of the most useful pieces of equipment on the bench, my "secret weapon." 


EICO Signal Tracer (restored).  I only pull this down when a scope won't do the trick.  


Here's another "secret weapon" device, a multi-function capacitor tester I built based on the circuit inventions of Paul Carlson.  It will immediately reveal the outside foil orientation of any capacitor, and is also capable of measuring the most minute amount of DC leakage on all types of capacitors.  Fantastic.


1970's PACE Desoldering station.  I added a simple switched-mode variable frequency drive (VFD) circuit to increase the speed of the internal GE induction motor and give the desoldering iron better suction.


PACE ADS200 200W Soldering Station.  Main soldering iron.


Jackson 648r Tube Tester (restored)


Secondary Bench - For burning in amplifiers and occasional troubleshooting:

Tektronix 465b Analog Scope (restored)

Rigol DG1022 Function Generator

400W+ Dummy Load box

Current Limiter box with cool "Tesla" Bulbs

Metered 5A Variac

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All variacs (and therefore devices under test) are plugged into this 10A isolation transformer.

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