35W Build

I built this amp for my buddy Dakota M.  The preamp is an amalgamation of early '70's to early '80's Hiwatt circuits, with some minor tweaks.  It's a single input amp, but it has a switch to select between bright, normal, or bridged - so it retains most of the input options of a 4-input amp.

The other switch on the front panel engages an extra gain stage for more preamp distortion, similar to the "OL" Hiwatt preamp circuits.

The power supply and output stage are similar to that of a Hiwatt DR504, with some changes to the bias supply and B+ decoupling.  I went with a stout, relatively low-voltage power transformer, and used a custom output transformer with a higher primary impedance.  

The carbon fiber/flame maple cabinets were built by Taylor at Amplified Nation.  The 12" deep 2x12" cab is made out of solid pine, and has 3 removable back panels.  For now it is loaded with a Celestion Gold and a G12H30.

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